Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Daily Tip

Get in your closet. It's spring and time to move things from your winter closet out and bring in all your warm weather clothes. This is the perfect time to assess what you have in your closet.

Get creative. Pair some colors together to shake it up a bit. Like purple and gray, white with beige, purple and yellow, navy blue and gray; endless choices.

Start combining things that seem incongruous. The current leggings-with-everything is a great place to start. Put them under dresses, skirts, tunics. Put t's under cami's. Cami's under sundresses, denim jackets with pencil skirts, polos with flowery skirts; you get the picture.

Try everything and anything. You are going to find something you never thought of before. Combine outfits and take pictures of them so you don't forget.

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